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The home of spiritual enlightenment and truth through alternative thinking.

This site is for those who are willing to step outside of the box in their thinking and who are willing to shake themselves loose from the very foundation upon which their belief systems are built.

It is our intention (my guides and I) to provide you with information that is both easy to read and comprehend so that you are provided with a point of reference while on your journey toward self-discovery, awareness and spiritual growth. We offer love, light and support to those who are attempting to find their way in these confusing and rapidly changing times.

There is so much truth about who we are and where we come from coming to light at this time which can be difficult to muddle through. All of the lies and deceptions we have been taught and conditioned to accept on a personal, planetary and universal level are being revealed and are demanding to be addressed. I will bring this information to you as it is received, giving as much clarity as possible.

We are being bombarded with movies, talk and scientific revelations about galactic beings and super powers. Believe all of it, it is true that there are galactic beings living here amongst us in guises not unlike our own. We are all galactic beings who came to this planet, we are not from this planet and soon (2012) we will meet our star families and remember our homes amongst the stars.

If you are open and ready to embrace truth, then I offer you a source of enlightenment and comfort in knowing that no one is alone on his or her journey. These truths are being revealed all over the world, to the masses, not just a chosen few. There is an abundance of information and support out there on the spiritual, as well as, the physical plane. The veils are being lifted from our eyes and we are now able to see clearly. This is indeed a very exciting time in our history and I am pleased and honored to be a spiritual messenger bringing you love, light and truth.

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